Concurrent Enrollment Steps for Concurrent Enrollment with SLCC

1. Apply for admission at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). This step has to be done BEFORE you can proceed.

  • Go to site: On the left-hand side, click on Step 2: Become an SLCC Student and follow the instructions. You will need to pay the $40.00 admissions fee. This is a one-time fee for SLCC college application. Online payment is preferred but on campus payment will be accepted. You will need your state ID number or SSID. That number is on your transcript and you can get from Cindy or Nicole.
  • Wait for a reply letter with your "S" number for the college. Record this number where you will not lose it, i.e. phone.
  • Take the accuplacer test. This test is required in most concurrent enrollment (CE) classes and measures your ability to read and your math level. The test can be taken at any time at the testing center in the college.
  • Set up a "My Page" account. Instructions are under Admission Steps, step 4 on the CE website above. You will need your S-number for this. When it calls for your social security number you can also use the last four digits of your S-number. This page will be very important as it will be where you find classes, grades, times, rooms numbers, etc.

2. Complete parent permission and eligibility forms.

  • Eligibility is a 3.0 GPA. If you are below a 3.0 you will need to write an appeal letter and tell why you want to take the class and what you will do to ensure your success in a college course.

3. Choose classes and complete class selection form.

4. Submit all the forms to Nicole Kioa.

SLCC will email you your class schedule. You may not get the classes you requested so check your My Page often.

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