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Principal's Message

To all students, present, past and future:

Innovations is a great place to be! I am honored to be the principal here. At Innovations, students have choice is many parts of their day. They can focus exclusively on something they love and get ahead in that subject. They can learn together with a small group in subjects where they need extra support or encouragement. All students have a mentor teacher who is highly invested in that student's progress, goals, and life.

With flexible support from a highly educated staff, a lot is possible for all students. Some students work ahead and graduate early. Other students get their high school requirements completed and focus on concurrent college classes during their junior and senior years. Whichever path students choose, I believe all students can get the support they need to be successful and ready for their next life steps. That is what Innovations strives to do.

Student Senators act as leaders in our school. They plan activities, dances, and service projects. Innovations also has a great partnership with Whittier Elementary which is located just East of our campus. The high school students volunteer and help with reading lessons for lower grade students. Whittier, in return, provides space for some of our whole school activities. The CTC and the other high schools offer specialized classes that students at Innovations can take. Flexibility and individual educational plans are the most important things to everyone.

We feel we have so many resources to make your high school experience a great one! Thanks to all the families and students who are already part of our community. We appreciate you.



Pam Pedersen